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Regarding Play: 
1.   How does it work?  We have an hourly playrate, with a reduce rate per 1/2hour after the 1st hour.
2.  Do adults pay an entry fee?  No, adults are free.
3.  Are you indoors or outdoors?  We are indoors & outdoors!.
4.  Do you have credit card fascilites?  Yes, we do.  We also provide SNAPSCAN.
Regarding Parties:
1.  Can I bring my own birthday cake to the party?  Yes, you are welcome.  It is the one item we allow to be brought into the venue without implementing the surcharge.
2.  Can I do my own catering for the party?  Yes, you can do your own catering.  We have a surcharge of R10 per child, which gets added onto the Party Package of your choice.  We also have a surcharge of R20 per adult, if you wish to cater for them.  We do insist on supplying all beverages.


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